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Produkty - opis

Produkty produkowane przez naszą firmę. kandyzarki, opalarki kasztanów, gofrownice.

  • Gofrownica

  • Kandyzarka

  • Popcorn

  • Opalarka kasztanów

  • Kandyzarka

  • Popcorn XXL

  • Opalarka Kasztanów

  • Wata cukrowa

  • Popcorn XXL

  • Popcorn

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We are an international company, specialized on manufacturing of professional catering equipment. You can find in our offer among other things:

  • machines for candy floss,
  • toasters, waffle irons,
  • popcorn makers

Our products prove themselves excellent for every kind of cultural and entertainment events, picnics, occasional events and at different catering points.
Owing to our long-term experience in the catering branch our products are characterized by high quality, easy use and reliability.

Through our multilingual internet homepage you will have an opportunity to learn more about our current offer and place an on-line order for our products.







gofrownica, profesjonalna
Waffle Iron
509,00 €
Popcorn Maker
469,00 €
Popcorn Maker XXL
629,00 €
maszyna do waty cukrowej
Candy Floss Machine
469,00 €


Why are you interested in our products?


Popcorn Maker, cheep, heavy duty and reliable. This product is able to work in a places that are loaded by hard work. It was tested and has got Europeanian Certyficate. Test us!